Senior Portraits- Sarah 17 Jun 10

We rocked out Sarah's epically epic senior portrait session at RIT with the assistance of Katie, Sarah's mom Debbie, Sarah's boyfriend Joe and her older sister Beth. I was excited to do Sarah's senior portraits this week, since she is my first 2011 senior, and because I love doing senior portraits! We had perfect lighting and weather- couldn't have asked for better conditions. Thank you for a great time and I will definitely be seeing you guys around later!

I like this one

Lookin' cool...

Sarah and her sister Beth bein goofballs

Panorama of 24 images

This spot was awesome. Expect other photographers in the Rochester area to copy it ;)


And some nice golden-y sunlight to round out the session

And don't forget the cheesy behind-the-scenes (sort of, in a posed kind of way) shot of Sarah, Joe, myself and Katie who graciously assisted today :)

Till next time- thanks!

-- Andrew