Mandy + Eric's Sonnenberg Garden Wedding | Rochester NY Wedding Photography

Two people I've known and loved for many years had a wonderful wedding on a perfect day at Sonnenberg Gardens in Canandaigua, NY. Surrounded by their family and friends, who happen to mostly also be my family and friends, they pledged their lives together before the Lord. Mandy's father, a pastor, sung "How Great Thou Art", where right during the part where the song goes into singing birds and the gentle breeze, as if on cue, birds started singing in nearby trees, and a light breeze appeared... amazing.

A delicious meal catered by Aladdin's and a fun party curated by Whirlin' Disc DJs led us into the night joyous and happy for the couple. Enjoy the photos I am honored to have created and the event that is documented.


My wife (a bridesmaid) praying over Mandy before she heads out


Extraordinary people having an extraordinary moment


Thanks for a fun time Eric and Mandy!

-- Andrew

Megan + Jim's Shadow Lake Wedding | Rochester NY Wedding Photographer

Despite the threat of rain, and even a few sprinkles around lunchtime, Megan and Jimmy's wish for a beautiful outdoor July wedding in Rochester at Shadow Lake all came true! I had been looking forward to their intimate ceremony and reception since working (playing) with them last year at their engagement photo session and it was everything I'd anticipated.

These two clearly love each other, with a gentile kindness and affection that will serve them well in their lifetime going forward. They're surrounded with a loving family and supportive friends too. There were plenty of authentic emotional moments,and opportunity to make awesome, unique and cool portraits.. even a tintype (BTW I'm the only photographer in New York shooting these at weddings!)

Megan and Jim went home with their own authentic 1800's style tintype!

The preparation

They passed notes to each other before the ceremony, but didn't want to see each other just yet..

Jim got emotional at seeing Megan for the first time when she walked down the aisle

The weather was perfect for an outdoor wedding at Shadow Lake Golf club

It's always a blessing to see such open adoration and affection from a groom for his bride.. very sweet

Megan's mom's reaction is awesome :)

The lovely bride

And the dapper groom


Jim's brother "iced" him

A tremendously fun party punctuated by the shout song and our irrational love of the Bills

Thank you for sharing such a great time with me, and the chance to get to know your friends and family better!

-- Andrew

Roberta + Matt's RMSC Wedding | Rochester NY Wedding Photographer

The officiant for the wedding described Matt and Roberta's character very well. An experiment years ago offered 5-year old kids a marshmallow. If the kid could wait 2 minutes in the empty room without eating the marshmallow, they would get 2 marshmallows. Most kids failed at this delayed gratification. The ones that didn't were far more likely to be successful. Matt and Roberta are the kind of people who'd wait to eat the marshmallow (although Roberta would say it's because she doesn't like them). They are firmly footed believers in Christ and it showed in the encouragement and stories people shared on the mic at the reception.

The ceremony was in the Strasenburgh Planetarium, with the reception following at the Rochester Museum and Science Center (RMSC). I was assisted on this day by Yuriy Nutsa, a good friend and wedding photographer too. The ladies prepared at Roberta's house (also the maid of honor's home), while the guys got ready at the planetarium. A wonderful star show showing the glory of the heavens was followed by the moving ceremony and familial party. Both young and old had key roles in their lives and it showed in this wedding.

Getting ready at the Bock house

Copernicus and planetary socks while in a planetarium. Love it!

The women had a wonderfully heartfelt prayer over Roberta before the ceremony

The start of Matt and Roberta's journey together.

"The heavens declare the glory of God, and the skies proclaim the work of his hands" Psalm 19:1

Always my favorite moment of the wedding, what I call "the victory walk"

Photo by Yuriy

Photo by Yuriy

Goofing around- this photo is by Yuiry

Sarah recounting the tale of the roadtrip through the desert with no AC

Will telling his story about a double date with his (not yet) wife and Matt and Roberta, where they played a very funny and embarrassing game

And they finally get to "eat their marshmallow"

Grandma dances with her son and grandsons.

Everyone's party dancing and Abbey's over there dancing


Country line dancing like pros!

You are loved!

Can't go home without a great polaroid of the couple!

I wish you both many blessings and that His will be done through you!

-- Andrew