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Hi, I'm Andrew!

Forrest Gump might be right in general about life being like a box of chocolates and never knowing what you get, but in my case, I don't want you to experience that like I did at my own wedding with my wedding photographer. We thought he'd be reasonable, but it turned out he was intrusive (every guest had to wait 3 minutes for him to pose us just right for one cake cutting photo that wasn't even that good), didn't care one lick about the final image beyond the basics, and left us feeling photoed out after an hour.

When I picked up a camera to photograph my first wedding, I vowed to do the opposite of what my wedding photographer did. To be respectful of your day, ready to fit into what's going on in the moment, attuned to your emotional state, to stay out of your way of having fun (or be a part of it!) and care for the craft in making timeless images that will last and not look cheesy in 5 years.

I am fully licensed and insured, with insured professional photo equipment, and prepared with complete backup systems.

I like to meet with couples beforehand in person (or over the phone if an in-person meeting is not possible) to talk about your wedding day, and to get to know one another. This is how I can provide the best service possible for you.

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What are your favorite photographs? Specifically, why they are your favorites?  I believe it is because when we look at the photo, we remember that happy moment with a friend or loved one, that good time, or that milestone in our lives. It is my photographic mission to capture those authentic feelings and moments in the camera for you. What greater gift can I provide you in knowing you such a short time than a beautiful keepsake of that time in your life with those people in your life. One of my most cherished photographs is this one of my wife:


I cherish it because it captures her playful spirit perfectly- we're on an amusement park ride, and she's laughing and screaming like a little kid-- it's so pure and fun! The emotion, moment and memory trump the technical details-- this one was shot on a disposable film camera! And while tools can make things easier, the creative vision and photographic skill matter far more.

There are certainly plenty of photographers who are outstanding at making people laugh and get excited, but they are essentially creating or directing those emotions. Of course, I like to crack little jokes and whatnot, but my main approach is to let you be, express your feelings naturally, on your own- and that authenticity creates greater value in the photographs for you. Whether it's creatively lit/posed or not, I want you to look at the pictures years from now and remember how you felt at that time, have that connection to the photos, versus remembering how funny/exciting your photographer was.  I believe this is the greatest value I can provide to you as your photographer.

Take some time and look at the categories above, click on the thumbnails above, or look at my website portfolio. I hope to soon be working with you in capturing those authentic moments.


P.S> Feel free to talk to me about volleyball, the Buffalo Bills, scuba diving, astronomy, bowling, software development, my 3 children, chess, table tennis, or statistics when we meet for a consultation (nerd alert!). I've been shooting weddings professionally since 2007 and love it. I particularly enjoy astrophotography, capturing the grandeur of the heavens, staying up all night freezing my butt off to get the best images possible. I would be glad to talk about your passions, and show you my astrophotos as well.