Michelle + Nathaniel Wedding, 12 Jun 10

I don't mind revisiting the same spots... Michelle and Nathaniel got married at Bethel Christian Fellowship (where I assisted at my 3rd wedding ever), and had a luncheon reception at Inn on Broadway (where I shot as recently as 2 weeks ago). Each time I shoot the same spot, I approach it differently- because I deliver unique results for each client. Although quiet and reserved at first, it was clear how much Michelle and Nathaniel love each other. Their friends and family at the reception were pretty cool to hang out with too (RIT represent!). I made some funky artistic photos in addition to some romantic photos for them. Enjoy and may your marriage be blessed.

Mom & Dad are happy for their son

God loves you

First time seeing the bride

A freshly engaged couple steal a kiss during the wedding


We took over part of the inner loop

Awww :)

On to the Inn on Broadway

Pray over the meal

Yummy cake, had a touch of almond flavor

Good times by all


He insisted I take his photo.

Putting the little swan favors to use ;)

.. as well as the bubbles

A couple of couple portraits to wrap up the day

Thanks for a great time!

-- Andrew P.S> In the end, no one knew the RIT school song