Engagement of Katrina + Josh, 19 Jun 10

Had a nice relaxed session with Katrina and Josh by their home on Irondequoit Bay. We headed to a nearby park, then went for a brief boat ride in the bay (and out to Lake Ontario for a few shots).. very cool. These guys are just like a pair of old time friends... they clearly get along great. Their wedding will be a ton of fun to shoot too.. I can't wait for the shenanigans ;) As camera-shy as Josh was, I think I got a few good shots in there. Check it out and leave some comments!

I like this one.. but you should've seen the playful shot beforehand.. goofballs ;)

We kept seeing chipmunks! This one was just off the bridge.

We headed back up to the park and saw this gem parked there. How could we not take some pics?

Next we head out on the boat! Weather was perfect.

A toast...

Gorgeous sky as we headed back in

Thanks guys for a great time and a great session. Hope you like the pics! I look forward to shooting their wedding at the Locust Hill Country Club in August!

-- Andrew