Shelby + Matt Wedding, 26 Sep 09

*Sniffle* Shelby and Matt are my very first clients of and were also my first photoshoot clients for 2009 (an engagement session in January!). So what better time to roll out my exciting new logo (thanks to my ultra-cool 2008 bride-and-graphics-designer Pauline) than now! Shelby is my 2nd Shelby in a row, and thankfully she did not marry a guy named Andrew, otherwise that would've been my 3rd Andrew in a row... and what does all that mean? Absolutely nothing (@2:00). Shelby and Matt have been big fans of my photography, choosing me over all the other Syracuse and Rochester area photographers, and I certainly wanted to live up to that reputation and deliver some 6th degree black belt of awesomeness for them. The ceremony and reception both were at The Lodge at Welch Allyn in Skaneateles (near Syracuse), which is a fantastic place to have a wedding and reception. With a combination of cool clients, cool friends, a great reception location, and a great time, I was able to deliver.

Enjoy the photos and feel free to comment :)

Very elegant and classy, very much Shelby's style:

Yes ladies, this is what all the grooms do when getting ready.. while you take hours and hours to prepare, the guys do stuff like this:

And bust out the N-64

Onto the ceremony:

The bridal party

First dance:

Then the dancing starts

Oh yeah... fireworks?!? How cool is that? I get the coolest clients with the coolest weddings...

I love how you can see the fireworks and the people's faces at the same time.

Shelby bought monogrammed umbrellas for her bridesmaids.. had to use it to sneak in a portrait!

Everyone having a good time at the reception.. lots of happy faces

Rockin' it out until the end!

Thanks for an excellent time and delicious cake (I rarely get cake, it's always a treat when I do)

-- Andrew