Kate + Mike Wedding, 3 Oct 09

So, when I get lots of time to take pictures, great weather, a beautiful venue and a happy couple, I'm going to get a lot of good photos- which is why it was so hard to trim the list down. Kate and Mike were my second clients in a row that live in Baltimore but did their wedding here in Rochester (how odd...) Starting with Kate's getting ready at her parents' house, we did some nice bridal and family portraits, then onto pictures of Mike and the guys getting ready at St Louis Church, where, coincidentally, I shot my first solo wedding at in Pittsford.

Following a lovely ceremony, we headed over to Schoen Place to do some portraits, then to the reception at the newly renovated Irondequoit Country Club, where everyone had a ton of fun. I'm so happy to show you all the awesome photos... and for Kate and Mike there are many more gems in the full proof set that I simply can't show here due to space :)

Family portrait with Kate's brother, David ;)

Now I just can't decide between the awesome colors and the powerful B&W...

Too cool for school

Love the sky

At the church before the ceremony

Lovely ladies

Cute :)

Reminiscent of their engagement shoot

Wind and lighting was just perfect

This would make a great 16x20...

Toast by the maid of Honor, Sarah


Happy guests

Kate was beaming during the first dance... well, Kate was beaming the whole day, but moreso during the first dance.

Onto dancing and fun

Hope you enjoyed the photos, I am happy with how they came out

-- Andrew