Will + Steph's 1st Anniversary, 9 Jun 12 | Rochester NY Wedding Photographer

When my best friend and discipleship partner asked me to shoot some anniversary photos, I was both honored and excited. I didn't get to shoot their wedding because, well, I was in it! I even got to shoot some film. After a year of wedded bliss and one dog (Korbin) later, we headed outside for some awesome portraits. It is only a matter of time, Lord willing, that these two have kids to hold and appear on this blog, so I am glad to document them together during this phase of their lives. Enjoy my gift to you-- happy anniversary-- and may your wedding continue to be blessed.

Yeah, they can't do the serious artsy pose for too long.. simply not serious enough ;)

Steph gives will "the eye".. but she didn't really mean it ;)

Thanks for being troopers to make an awesome shot with meaning. Despite the raging river around them, their marriage will remain strong.


-- Andrew