Engagement of Maria + Trevor, 20 May 12 | Rochester NY Wedding Photography

I had a great time with Maria and Trevor down by the spot where he proposed (and where they used to hang out when they first met) in Canandaigua by the lake. I was excited to incorporate Trevor's pastime of writing poetry and Maria's education in photography, as well as just have these guys be themselves. Very affectionate, gentile and loving. The photos definitely reflect that, and I'm super stoked about their upcoming wedding at Springdale Farms.


I seriously didn't tell them to do anything other than sit there.. they are adorable on their own, naturally ;)





Love it.


Have some fun too :)


Then we headed over to FLCC where they originally met. Even though it was closed we weren't deterred.




Work it Trevor, work it.




Trevor reads to Maria


What a great time followed by a nice lunch afterwards. Thank you guys for being super easy-going!
-- Andrew
P.S> Oh and for extra bonus, behind-the-scenes fun, here is their reaction after one of our takes with the book floating in mid air. We didn't set out to get hit in the head with books this morning ;)