Brooklyn's 6 Month Portraits, 29 Oct 11 | Rochester NY Baby Newborn Photographer

I was so happy to go back and hang out with Stacy and Sean, who's Shadow Lake Golf Club wedding I had the honor of being photographer at 2 years earlier, and see how much little baby Brooklyn had grown from our newborn session 6 months earlier (I also did maternity portraits of Stacy). What a happy little girl! I love shooting babies at 6 months because they are always ALL smiles and giggles, wide eyes and exploring everything. Brooklyn was no exception :)

Dad getting her to laugh a bit
So cute :)
Her favorite toy
Well, it is 2 days before Halloween ;)
Aunt Kelly (maid of honor at Stacy and Sean's wedding) came by to drop something off and couldn't resist playing with Brooklyn for a minute. Big smiles all around!
-- Andrew