Diana, Josh + Raja, 22 Oct 11 | Rochester NY Family Portrait Photographer

Having seen my work online, Diana asked me if I was able to do pet portraits- portraits with her dog, Raja, as well as some photos with her and Josh. I was very much up for the task and we headed over to Mendon Ponds park to have some fun together. Raja is a purebred Great Dane, but still a puppy. And boy was she ever a puppy.. very curious and energetic. When she wants to go somewhere, she pulls you along. At the same time, Raja was well behaved, had a lot of doggie fun, and we got some great photos with her. Josh and Diane were pretty cool to hang out with too ;)




They look like superheroes here...


Running + playing with Raja


The most handsome dog portrait in Rochester!



Random cartwheel... my clients have the best ideas :)


Then we wrapped up with some great portraits.





Thanks for a great time, guys!
-- Andrew