Gabrielle + Blair Wedding, 11 Oct 09

Well we couldn't have asked for much more.. the weather was dialed in perfectly for October (except a little breezy which made it feel cool). The ceremony was outside at the Bristol Harbour, an awesome venue with a grand vista view of Canandaigua Lake. Gabrielle and Blair met while working on a cruise ship as performers-- which led me to anticipate an interesting reception-- and they did not fail to deliver. The whole family seems to be dancers, and I never saw more moves at a wedding than this one! I am excited to present these photos for your viewing pleasure. Be sure to leave some love in the comments :)

Lovely bride and lovely scenery = lovely photo

Blair and his groomsmen walk down to the altar for the ceremony

Gabrielle, her dad and sister prepare

Just glowing :) What a smile!



A cheeky photo ;)

Oh and a nice standard portrait too :)

Gorgeous sunset.. favorite photo from the day.. love how the cloud lines right up

Some details

Not your average cake-- it was ice cream cake-- gingerbread flavored ice cream.. yummy!

Of course with ice cream cake fresh out of the freezer it was rock hard and difficult to cut LOL

He had some serious moves

Aunt is getting it on!

Impromptu conga line!

And of course when "New York New York" by Sinatra plays, the kick line forms

Doing their best dirty dancing lift

And of course, with the clear weather I couldn't resist to sneak in another aspect of my favorite photography hobby, astrophotography. (BTW The bright 'star' just left/below center is Jupiter)