Engagement of Jenn + Paul, 18 Oct 09

First off, us math majors must reprezent... Jenn is a math teacher, continuing in my 2010 "year of the teacher" trend amongst the majority of my clients, and it's rare for me to run into a fellow math major (yes, this photographer actually has a degree in mathematics). Anyway, these guys are super fun to hang around, and we had a good time taking photos at Paul's parents house in Scottsville, followed by the site of their first date, Sinbad's on Park Ave. It was a super nice fall day.. couldn't have asked for better weather. Let the awesomeness that are the photos begin...

Love fall for its colors

Jenn and paul are sittin in a tree, K-I-... you know the rest ;) (thought of this on the drive to the shoot)

Over to the very same table they sat at on their first date

Some nice standard portraits


Now being on Park Ave, I could not resist taking these guys into the laundromat.. they were good sports with all the people doing their laundry watching the spectacle :) But since they're super cool they entertained my ideas and I think they came out pretty well.

Last one

-- Andrew