Jack's Pittsford Mendon High School Senior Photos | Rochester NY Senior Portraits

It's awesome to make senior portraits for families I've worked with before. While all my clients are awesome, it's like a filter of the most awesome-est. Jack comes from a family of artists (check out his older sister Hanna's dance and theater portraits), and he is no exception as a talented guitarist, with an ear for 70's rock and folk rock music. He also loves making an epic muddy mess riding his dirt bike on his family's property in the Finger Lakes. It was a joy to capture his awesome spirit and talent, and make some fun senior photos in the process. We even incorporated his loveable dog Beth (as he calls her) and a portrait with his Dad (PSA: get a portrait with your parents. Time is short, you'll never regret having it)


Jack likes to meditate and jam by the stream at the end of the property.. it was a fantastic spot for portraits.


We both got covered in mud after he ripped through this mud pit on his dirtbike


Thanks for a great time!!

-- Andrew