Lowell's Urban Senior Portraits | Rochester and Penfield NY Senior Photos

Lowell was looking for some fun and cool portraits senior portraits in an urban location, no doubt inspired by his sister's Cassandra's or Zoie's senior portraits. It is truly great to work with past clients again and to get to know their family a little more each time!

All along the way, talking with Cassandra, Zoie and Lowell's parents, they had exactly one family portrait hanging on their walls with everyone in it-- and it was a sepia toned 'old timey' photo with the 'old west' costume props. Earlier this summer, I attended Camp Tintype, taught by the master instructor himself John Coffer to learn the wet plate collodion photography process- the same process used by all photographers in the 1860s-1890s.. exactly the same period as their one and only family photo. So, it seemed only natural that Lowell would be down to do a wet plate at his senior portrait session, which we did in Ellison park.


Aside from probably the only high school senior portrait ever done on a wet plate (I am western NY's most unique senior portrait photographer), we also did some traditional photos that grandma would enjoy


Made use of the clever graffiti artwork ;)


Thank you again for a great session! Looking forward to seeing you guys again in the future!

-- Andrew