Lisa + Zach's Niagara Falls Engagement | Western NY Wedding Photographer

It wasn't until I met with Lisa and Zach over some coffee for a consultation that I realized I was present at a couple of important milestones in their relationships. I was the 2nd photographer at Lisa's sisters wedding, where Lisa and Zach had met for the very first time. I was photographing Amanda + John's wedding (Lisa was a bridesmaid) on hers and Zach's first date. And today, we went to the very spot where Zach proposed to Lisa, as well as hiking along a trail that means a lot to them.

During this session, we fearlessly conquered very cold wind and rain, attack squirrels, and a few of our fears. Their boldness in their relationship together is inspiring. And we got some cool photos along the way ;)


These squirrels were not shy *at all*


Next we hiked down the Niagara Gorge at Devil's Hole park near the power station, to see the Niagara River rapids up close and get some unique trail hiking photos along the way.


They help each other out, too..


.. and Zach returning the favor by catching her


We finished out with some glorious warm autumn light that lasted about 4 minutes.


Thank you for showing me a bit of your lives and relationships and the places that mean something to you. I look forward to documenting their wedding next year, and seeing some familiar faces!

-- Andrew