Hayley + Phil's Bristol Harbor Wedding, August 2015 | Rochester NY Wedding Photographer

Beautiful weather, beautiful people, an awesome vendor team and a good time make for an easy day photographing Hayley and Phil. It was charming to see these two posting love notes back and forth on facebook in the months leading up to this day. I knew it would be the sweet, loving celebration that it was.

It had been a while since I'd had the privilege to be wedding photographer at Bristol Harbor Resort in Canandaigua, near Rochester NY, and I was glad to be back. The weather was perfect and beautiful all day, the outdoor ceremony gorgeous and the reception comfortably cool. Hayley and Phil both got ready right at the resort, where I captured some great moments during the preparations. These photos will appreciate in value for Hayley, Phil, their friends, family and children (Lord willing) over time, as they will help everyone remember what the day was like. 

We also had ample time for creative portraits, which meant I could do some cool stuff with the couple. And my clients have been ecstatic about the instant film polaroids I've been able to give them... which goes to show the value of physical prints in today's digital photography age. I recommend every couple invest in a wedding album for this very reason.

Enjoy my favorites from this day, as I enjoyed photographing Hayley and Phil.


A few words about my visual "style" and approach to wedding photography.. I recognize photos like the one below aren't super clean uncluttered background and closeups of pretty things, or the most exciting moment, but that it IS several things. Photos like the one below have great value. It's the entire bridal party in one candid moment. It is Alexis (Hayley's sister) playing with her baby boy, while Chelsea has her hair done and Hayley has her makeup done. It is a record of the room where they stayed, and of all the "stuff" from the day.

When I look at old photos from my past, after the initial quick look at the people, their expressions, and dated clothing styles, I look at the other details. This helps me remember when and where the photo was taken, and helps me recall the full story. And I take these kinds of photos and present them, perhaps even at the expense of showing my most likable work and booking tons of clients, in order to give an authentic representation of the unique experience that was this wedding. 


Beautiful weather for a wedding at Bristol Harbor, with the great view of Canandaigua Lake, part of the finger lakes.


Moments before bride came out and the groom sees her for the first time that day...


Sand ceremony


Winner of the bouquet toss. There was no pressure on her boyfriend to catch the garter ;)


.. good thing he did ;)


Here's another instant film polaroid I photographed for my wedding clients. It's great being able to offer this uniue wedding photography service to the Finger Lakes area.


Phil's sister Chelsea brought a selfie stick, and made great fun of it for everyone in her photos.


Dancin' with no care in the world. High five!


During the reception, we snuck out for some sunset portraits. Any time the weather cooperates and the event timeline allows it, I love to have the couple out to incorporate a bit of the nature and surroundings in their portraits.


.. of course we have some fun with it too ;)


Their wedding day may have drawn to a close, but the real adventure is just beginning.  May God bless you both, and you honor Him with your commitment to each other.


Thank you for the opportunity to document your special day, Hayley and Phil. It was my pleasure.

-- Andrew