Amanda + Seth's Letchworth Park in the Fall Engagement Photos | Rochester NY Wedding Photography

I met these two last year at Maura and Kellen's wedding- Maura is Amanda's sister, and Amanda was one of the kindest, most helpful maids of honor I've had the pleasure to witness. For their love of camping, hiking and their dog Jack, we went to Letchworth at the peak of fall colors to do some portraits. Amanda and Seth were a joy to photograph- kind, easygoing and easy on the lens. Two years ago, Amanda helped with Maura and Kellen's engagement session, watching their dog.. and Maura and Kellen returned the favor this day and watched Jack for Amanda and Seth. I can't wait to shoot their wedding next year!

Jack's winking.. he knows what's up ;)

Jack's turn for a dog portrait! He sure can smile for the camera. He made doing pet portraits easy ;)

Amanda and Seth love to camp, so we set up the tent for some cute portraits to reflect this activity they enjoy together.

Letchworth park and the lower falls in full fall color glory

Also worked in some portraits of just Amanda and Seth

Thanks for a fun session and the chance to meet Jack, see Maura and Kellen again and see Letchworth in full fall colors! Looking forward to next year!

-- Andrew

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