Lindsay's Senior Portraits, 22 Aug 12 | Rochester NY Senior Portrait Photographer

Lindsay learned of me through Taylor - she lives across the street from her - and wanted to work together to create some awesome, unique, creative and artistic senior portraits that are not like the typical studio photos. We started our session at her dance studio (Fitzsimmons), followed by Maryfrances Blue Bird Haven and some sunset photos at Casa Larga (where I've photographed a few weddings), all in Victor (seeing as Lindsay goes to Victor High School). Some warm ups

Elegant form

Then we started working in some more fluid dance movements

Lindsay also does modern dance

(we also have fun during our sessions)

At the blue bird haven, we did some more classic portraiture

The vineyard at Casa Larga offered some wonderful portrait opportunities (perfect for wedding photos too!)

Reach for the moon

Thank you Lindsay for a great session, and thank you to Cheryl (Lindsay's mom) and Anna (friend and upcoming senior portrait client) for your logistical and emotional support.

-- Andrew