Garlock Kids Being.. Well, Kids | Rochester NY Family Portrait Photographer

The Garlock family contacted me looking for a photographer who does something different from the usual family portraits. Andrew Welsh Photography is the right place for unique family portraits - photos of the family being themselves, of the kids having fun and playing. We headed over to Ellison park, played some baseball, climbed a dirt hill, climbed on a jungle gym, drew with chalk and made an impromptu volleyball game in the parking lot, then wrapped it up with some ice cream.

I had a great time documenting these kids and the fun they had outside on this wonderful day. I know they enjoyed their ice cream as the sun was setting :)

Onto photos of some brotherly love...

OK we did one "normal" photo too.


Hadley was having such a great time with her bubbles

Brennan and Carter play catch

Onto exciting adventures in the park...

Carter and Brennan drew a volleyball court on their own- I was busy taking Hadley's photo above ;) Boys are awesome haha

After playing, we went to the ice cream stand :)

Happy kid = kid + ice cream with rainbow sprinkles

Thank you for the chance to document your family, Debra. I hope to see you all again.

-- Andrew