Elise + Derek's Wedding, 10 Sep 11 | Rochester NY Wedding Photography

Last October, Elise and Derek hired me to take their engagement photos. Naturally, they liked them so much they brought me on as their wedding photographer, and I am glad they did. It was great to meet their families and friends and have a beautiful, happy day together. The ceremony was at the United Methodist Church of Webster, followed by a reception at the distinguished Penfield Country Club. I was followed all day by the 2-person video crew from Fruit Tree Studios (I recommend them BTW, they were nice to work with).

This was my second wedding this year with a large bridal party, and my 100% streak of un-air conditioned ceremonies this year has been maintained :) At least on this day the weather was comfortably in the 70's so it wasn't warm at all inside.

There are a lot of fun and sentimental photos in here, which I believe accurately reflects Elise + Derek's personalities. Enjoy.

Dad sees her fully dressed for the first time

One of my favorites.. Derek was alone in the basement, just waiting for someone to come get him and have him come upstairs for the ceremony start.

I don't know all the details, but she was in a wheelchair most of the day. She had been working all summer to build up the strength to walk down the aisle for this wedding.. a truly touching moment. I don't think anyone besides Elise and Derek were happier than this woman all day.

Congratulations :)

Next we head to do some quality wedding photography at Penfield Country Club

Epic group shot

Party time!

This was the first wedding I went to where each table had a cake for a centerpiece. What a fabulous idea! Elise and Derek enjoy a little cake of their own..

Father-daughter dance

Mother and son

DJ then invited all mothers and sons to dance.. and this tender, authentic moment unfolded

Time to dance!

Party people

Mother of bride

Thanks again for a great time.
-- Andrew