Taylor's Senior Portraits, 9 Aug 11 | Rochester NY Senior Portrait Underwater Photographer

I'm really excited to post these photos, as they have been a couple weeks in the making. When Taylor approached me for senior portraits and told me she was a swimmer, I was pumped about the awesome creative possibilities this afforded. All my senior portrait sessions are personalized for each client, and this was a no-brainer. Consider this my introduction to my availability to do underwater photography in Rochester. I acquired a housing for my DSLR right before this shoot so I am excited to use it. We did the session in two parts- the usual awesome, unique portraits on dry land (some next to the pool), and underwater portraits :)

Here is probably the best senior portrait I've ever done:








Beautiful light





Something for the yearbook too



Goofin around a bit




Onto some swimmer portraits.. she's on the varsity team at Victor Central High.






Like a boss


Thanks Taylor for an awesome session.
-- Andrew