Rehearsal Dinner of Jessica + John, 29 Jul 11 | Geneva NY Engagement Photography

This day I had a unique opportunity to witness a rehearsal dinner. Jessica and John had already done engagement portraits (I'll talk more about that when I post their wedding), so they asked me to cover their rehearsal dinner. They went to the Stony Lonesome portion of the Three Brothers Winery in Geneva NY to share a good meal with their friends and family as a final celebration before the wedding day. This was also a great way for me to meet the bridal party and families ahead of time, making the wedding day go smoother.

After some wonderful food, the couple gave gifts to their parents and the bridal party as a way of saying thanks to them. I also thank Jessica and John for the opportunity to meet everyone and hang out for a bit before the wedding day.

Delicious Ribs and Chicken

A beautiful sunset was the icing on a great dinner and the wonderful people

We snuck outside for  a few seconds to get a couple nice portraits in the delicious post-sunset light

Bridal Party! (and an example of why you hire a pro to bring in the awesome sky behind them)

Reminiscing about good times in Vegas

Thanks again and I can't wait to post your wedding photos!
-- Andrew