Nick + Noah Family Portraits, 31 Jul 11 | Rochester NY Child Photographer

Who wouldn't love the chance to go to a playground, swing on the swings, run across a field, throw stuff in a pond, then come home and play with your matchbox cars, then run around in circles and laugh? I was glad to spend some time with Nick and Noah (ages 2 1/2 and 1 1/2), who were much like my own 3 boys (ages 3 1/2, 2, and 2) in energy, curiosity and excitement. I love doing family sessions like this.. not forced posed photos, but instead, just the kids being kids, enjoying their day with mom and dad and each other. Yeah, we bribed 'em with some M&Ms to sit on the bench for a minute, but the rest of the time was just real moments in their lives. These kinds of photos will have far more lasting value for anyone than artificial studio portraits, because they're about who they are and not just what they looked like that day.


Nick is happy to be on the swing




Jumpin on the bouncy bridge


Noah checks out the tunnel




Head down to the pond to explore for a bit.


Soon after, we headed back home to capture them in their everyday environment. Loads of fun.. you'll see :)



Onto the cars + playset


Jedi apprentice?





Now the exciting fun begins :)





Love Nick's MJ tongue



Thank you again for the chance to document and hang out with your wonderful family.
-- Andrew