Amelia's Senior Portraits | Rochester NY Senior Portrait Photographer

Amelia loves theater and musicals. She has lots of red hair. These are some of her unique, customized senior portraits. None of that boring studio stuff! Her kind and personable attitude just oozes out of these portraits. Shoots like these are easy and fun! Brockport High School students looking for senior photos.. Ask Amelia about your senior portraits.. they'll be just as awesome (and tailored to you)... and you'll both get discounts and goodies. She will be equipped with some rep cards in the very near future. In the meantime, get some vitamin D from basking in the light of these awesome pics :)

Amelia lets loose (a little bit)

The many sides of Amelia..

Mom came and helped! It's so nice to see them get along as well as they do.

Can you feel the love?

Her friend Ani came along for moral support (she did a great job helping Amelia laugh)

Be sure to ask Amelia about her experience and these photos if you see her!
-- Andrew