Caitlyn + Kyle Wedding, 21 Aug 10

I love it when clients get excited about their wedding photography-- and I especially love it when I show a thumbnail or three and the response I get back is "this is fun!" and "oh wow!"  These images reflect the easygoing and gentile, caring nature of Kyle and Caitlyn. They had a beautiful ceremony, one of the most emotional receiving lines I've seen (the best I heard was when one woman informed Caitlyn that she was the doula at Caitlyn's birth... how cool), and a hopping party where everyone young and old had fun. The couple lives in Webster, they both got ready in Webster, they married in the village Webster, then had their reception in Webster park (catered by Dinosaur BBQ, yum)! Only makes sense :) After getting so many great photos from their engagement session, I knew their wedding would be no different.

I liked both versions

Work it!

First moment as a married couple!

Some of the details

The bridal party

Now, how cool is this?

It is for shots like these that I paid for the infrared conversion in one of my cameras.

Nice rock!

Some serious air ;)

Heehee her reaction is priceless :)

Happy faces, good times!

-- Andrew