Allee + Ryan Wedding, 3 Jul 10

Couldn't have asked for better conditions... tons of time for photos, perfectly clear weather, that although warm, wasn't stifling hot like it was a day later, relaxed and willing clients.. easygoing guests and great locations. Thank you Allee and Ryan for letting me be a part of your wedding day. I hope that you enjoyed the festivities, and that you guys have a nice relaxing time on your honeymoon in Mexico (tell me what you think of Chichen Itza)- Lord knows Allee needs it after all the stress of planning her wedding and finishing grad school :) And for the pics, starting with the ladies getting ready:

Arriving at Linehan Chapel at Nazareth College

A nice moment before the ceremony

A minor goof with the unity candle (it was already lit).. but we all took it in stride :) At my wedding, my wife and I couldn't light ours... the wax dripped from the two candles into the unity candle, pooled and drowned out the wick.


The bridal party, all lookin' good!

Off to Schoen place

Then we headed over to the George Eastman House, and was able to use their gardens for photos

OK ladies, do your best fashion model poses!

Some infrared portraits by the canal before we headed to the reception at the Del Monte Lodge.

Details, details...

After introductions, the couple has their first dance.

Then the toasts, with Allee and Ryans' reactions.


Thanks again guys. Hopefully that fertility dance worked and you'll call me up for some newborn portraits :)

-- Andrew