Astrophoto published in Finnish Magazine

One of my photography hobbies is astrophotography, where I train the camera on the night sky and take long exposures through both regular lenses and a telescope. In fact, it was my interest in astrophotography that spurred me to buy a DSLR, which ultimately led me to doing wedding photography. I was contacted last month by an editor asking if one of my images I took two years ago (April 2007) could be published in their magazine. I agreed and they mailed me a copy, which I received yesterday. Although the image of NGC5053 and M53 isn't the most exciting or interesting astrophoto I've taken, it is somewhat of a rarity for people to image the pair. It's a bit off the beaten path because it isn't very visually interesting, but interesting to astronomers and visual observers because of their proximity in the night sky. Sometimes just having the photo makes it noteworthy, even if the photo isn't a pulitzer-prize winner.

Regardless, I'm pretty excited to have the image published, considering it's my first astrophoto to be published! I took this photo with the Canon EF 400mm f/5.6L lens, which is actually an excellent astrophoto lens. I no longer own the lens, as I sold it to fund the 200/2 I currently own.

The magazine being from Finland, I can't read a lick of it, but Google translate tells me the name of the Magazine is "Stars and Space". Here are some shots of the magazine.

The page on which my photo is prominently displayed appears to be a guide to visual observers for the month of April. The article title doesn't fully translate in Google translate, but it tells me it is the "Kevatyon ghost hunt"

And the credit:

-- Andrew