Lindsay + Doug + Cayden Family Portraits, 28 Nov 09

Congratulations to Doug and Lindsay on their new parenthood. Little Cayden was born two weeks before this shoot at a healthy 9 lbs, and mom was home quickly with everyone healthy. I was excited to shoot this newborn portrait session for Lindsay and Doug, who's wedding I shot back in July. I went to their house, and also took some shots of Lindsay's sister, brother in law and their daughter. I got some really adorable photos of Cayden with each of his parents and by himself. We also did the "Christmas card shot" with Cayden wearing a bow and a Santa hat.

Thanks guys for a great session and for letting me into your warm home. Onto the photos!

Lindsay's sister and her family

The star of the show with dad

And with mom:

I swear I did not tell them to do anything but hold their baby. Their expressions are totally candid here-- just doting over their little boy!


Cayden had been awake for the longest stretch of time in his life.. so he was definitely tired!

Such a treasure.

Enjoy your holidays everyone!

-- Andrew