Kathryn + Matt Wedding, 30 Oct 09

This season has been all about pairs between my clients. Two Shelbys in a row. Two Andrews in a row. Two couples from Baltimore in a row. Today, Kathryn and Matt are from the New Paltz area of NY, and I headed down to New Paltz the day after their wedding to shoot another one (blog post forthcoming in a few days :) Weird. Anyway, these guys had an intimate, small wedding and reception, so I worked out a special coverage package for them. Although I was only there a short time, I am glad to have had the chance to meet their families and get some nice photos at the Inn on Broadway.

Without further ado, let's get ready:

The rings + shoes in one shot.

One of the younger girls had said she supposed the bride looked "adequate" in her dress


The groom awaits...

Lots of smiles during the ceremony

Their first moments together as husband and wife

Thanks for the lighting check, girls ;)

One of my favorites

Onto dinner and good times.

Cheers, guys!

-- Andrew