Senior Portraits- Chelsea 2 Sep 09

I got into contact with Chelsea (since she is a friend of Zach's) to do her 2010 senior portraits and I was excited to work out in Spencerport with her. She brought two friends along for entertainment and moral support (thank you ladies for assisting), which always makes the session go easier. I couldn't have asked for better weather either, not hot, not cold, sunny, clear skies and nearly no wind... topped off with a gorgeous rainbow of a sunset. Chelsea, you were easy to work with and very patient while I set up my next shot- and I know you will enjoy this set of photos :) The Greece Canal park is lovely for photos- great suggestion. Thanks for a good time!

I like the lodge a lot, great place for photos

Yearbook food :)

Looks like an actress' headshot.

Her friends obliged Chelsea's request to jump into one photo. It was funny, put the three of them together and they turn into a giggle-fest. Made for some fun shots :)

A little goofing around while we wait for the sunset

Love the colors, matches her shirt

-- Andrew