Ann + Roger Wedding, 15 Aug 09

After enjoying the unique engagement shoot with Ann + Roger back in May, I knew their wedding on the family farm was going to be equally as fun, unique and interesting. The ceremony was held in a nice little nook on the field, and the reception was inside a tent setup nearby. Guests had a campground to stay overnight so they could party safely and not worry about driving home... smart thinking on Ann and Roger's part (take note couples!) Here are some shots around the property:

The bride got ready at Roger's grandparents' house, while Roger got ready at his parents.  The bride rode into the ceremony via a special carriage.. a very romantic and grand entrance fitting of this couple.

The dress was a perfect match in style for Ann

Ann's sister and mother help

The guests rode into the ceremony site via another horse drawn carriage

The groom is ready

The band plays for the guests at the ceremony:

Ann and her father arrive via the carriage:

After getting married we headed over to another area of the farm for some portraits then onto the reception.

Roger and Ann did a (somewhat) choreographed dance to Duke Ellington.. they both were clearly having playful fun.. a pleasure to witness.

Love the composition on this one.. that's Ann and Roger's dad in the back, while Roger dances with his mother.

Mmm cupcakes

And how cool is that-- smores cupcake! With a roasted marshmallow!

Onto the party dancing fun!

The reception tent

The band rockin' it out

Then as a special gift surprise for the couple, they lit and launched small hot air balloons.. really neat to watch.

Then another surprise, the brothers lit some fireworks for the crowd

The campfire along the tiki torch path from the reception to the campsite. Nice touch.

And seeing as how much I love taking astrophotos, I figured an outdoor reception in the country was a good as time as any to grab a startrail shot. (The bright streak on the lower right that the plane crosses over is Jupiter)

And they did have a photobooth going that Roger rigged up himself. Guests took photos, then added them to a book in place of the traditional guest book. Of course, I had to jump in there myself (with some prodding by the photobooth keeper volunteers)


-- Andrew