Equipment Review - 5D Mark II camera

Continuing my series of equipment reviews for photographers, I recently re-acquired a 5D Mark II camera. My review of this camera will be short... it has the following advantages over the original 5D (which I used up to this point):- Usable ISO6400 = 2 stop improvement = faster shutter speeds, or lower light capability - Huge LCD.. much easier to see! - Video is a nice toy (for weddings) - Live view is a nice toy (for weddings; it's indispensable for astrophotos) - Controls are the same as the 40D, my backup camera.. huge ergonomic thing.. now I can change the camera settings much faster since they're the same. - 21.1 Megapixels - Usable SRAW1 mode which yeilds 10 megapixel shots, the same as the 40D (also a 10 MP camera). Save on card and disk space.

Already used the camera at Meg + Steve's wedding, and it performed flawlessly. Can't wait to really grow familiar with it over the next couple years. If funds allow, I will definitely pick up a second copy.

-- Andrew