Engagement of Meg & Steve, 31 Jan 09

OK, OK I'm a little slow with this update, but I did a great engagement portrait session with Meg and Steve, a very nice couple who initially met at JD Oxford's, where Steve was (and is) a bartender. Fitting in with their dating story theme, we did the entire shoot right there inside the bar while it was open for only the three of us. Meg's favorite chair in the place...

Very photogenic, I liked this spot for portraits: (this was taken with the 85/1.8 and 5D for you camera geeks out there)

Meg's idea... they're my first wedding of the year, March 28th

I liked my own unique twist on this kind of shot.. notice the pool balls themselves...

Finally a nice nook in the trap door leading into the basement below the bar. I like how the light hit them just so in this shot:

Thanks guys, I hope you enjoyed the photos and I'm looking forward to working at your wedding!!

-- Andrew