Favorite Wedding and Senior Portraits of 2016 | Rochester NY Wedding Photographer

Listening to the repeated pops and booms of backyard fireworks in San Antonio, Texas as 2016 draws to a close and New Years' 2017 looms, it's a good time to reflect upon and share my favorite images from 2016. I am definitely looking forward to 2017 as another year of awesome people and creating unique artwork authentic to themselves, bringing the best wedding photography and high school senior portraits to my clients in Rochester, NY, western New York and beyond! These photos are presented in roughly chronological order.

What I see in this collection is I love moments-- epic moments, funny moments, emotional moments, loving moments, even routine moments. And it is these moments, visualized in an authentic manner, that will have far more value in the future than the coolest filters or copy-cat poses.

Love from both moms during the ceremony at Kelli + Matt's wedding

Lots of wind + outdoors ceremony + long veil = laughs when it drifts into her face ;)

For Sarah and Toby's engagement photos, we went to the very bar / lounge where they met for the first time, with the two friends who introduced them!


The "crew" poses for an old-fashioned style portrait. I shot this on peel apart "polaroid" instant film.

A wedding in the Little Theater demands a fun pose in the seat. And Sarah and Toby are definitely fun people!

How low can you go? I love the perspective on this one


Sometimes I even do professional headshot portraits... Cate came to me to freshen up her portfolio.

Deanna came to me for authentic senior portraits, because she and her mom both were tired of the usual studio portrait style photos that so many get. They wanted unique photos that showcased her passions and talents.

Megan + Jim were just so much fun to shoot their engagement photos with at the marina


Mandi + Daniel are excited to be finally married!

A tearful toast from Mandi's sister

The cutest little photobomb ever!!!


Nicole and Ryan making some epic engagement photos together.

Isabelle's senior portrait was equestrian themed. We teamed up with Brie and Sam to make some artistic photos to capture this big part of Izi's life.

Towards the end of the session, we made a polaroid instant photo that was more artistic in mood. This is a scan of the resulting negative

Several things had lead up to the making of this photograph. First, I had worked with Lowell's two older sisters to do their high school senior portraits, and second, the only family portrait print that Lowell's parents (they own a company together) have hanging in their office is an "old west" costume prop photo. At this point, a still somewhat experimental process for me, Lowell had agreed to try out a collodion wet-plate photograph. This is the same process for creating a photograph as used in the 1850's. This type of photograph requires a darkroom on the spot, to make the plate and develop it, all within a 15 minute timeframe. Truly "instant" photography! 

The rest of Lowell's senior portraits were still pretty cool

While readying for Alex and Robin's wedding, Robin's father came into the room and there wasn't a dry eye there when he saw her for the last time before her marriage.

Alex checking out the goods on his new wife Robin ;)

Well loved by family and friends

I love the simplicity of this moment of Alyssa's mom putting the final touches on her daughter's wedding preparation.

Alyssa looking elegant

Sam unfortunately had an accident a few weeks before the wedding and was in a back brace.. combined with plenty of time between the ceremony and reception for pictures, and Sam only able to stand for 15-20 minutes at a time... it was the perfect opportunity to try something that only a handful of modern photographers today ever even attempt: A collodion wet-plate tintype at a wedding. Because of the setup and time needed, almost all eschew this process. Alyssa and Sam were willing to take the 15 minutes needed to create this unique photograph that will last longer than their lives.

Alyssa and Sam's first dance

Epic dance party time!

Cristina being helped prepare by her mom

Cristina and Nick were cool enough to let me have another go at a collodion wet plate / tintype at their wedding.

"No Pam, this is not a good time to call.. I'm getting married!" (it was a telemarketer selling, but from our half of the conversation, it sounded far more salacious)

So cute to see Emma Lou dropping the flowers for Lisa's walk down the aisle

Family photojournalism. They love playing music together.

Niagara Falls love. The very spot where Lisa and Zach got engaged.

Zach being, well, Zach

Epic underwater engagement session with Sapna and Ryan!

This next section is my personal work.. which in 2016 was mostly my kids. We traveled together quite a bit more than 2014/2015, thus there was a lot of interesting events to photograph above and beyond their amazing year of growth.

Typical evening at the Welsh house

Biking bandits

Elliott wanted a turn with the chick

No diving

-visiting Maine
-fishing with my Uncle, something I did when I was their age
-catching a fish


While this stunk in the moment-- it is part of the experience of being a parent. We were waiting for the fast-food seafood restaurant at York Beach, Maine, to make our order.. but little Elliott was hungry and tired and upset he couldn't have the whole cup of watermelon chunks at once.

My boys started soccer this year

And remember to spread a little love for 2017!

Thank you for a wonderful year, all of you.. and all of your support. As most of my clients are referrals, thank you for taking the time to share your experience with me. I am grateful for your kind words.

-- Andrew

Sapna + Ryan's Underwater Engagement Portraits | Western NY Underwater Photography in Rochester

Sapna and Ryan contacted to do an underwater portrait session as their engagement photos for their wedding next year. Clients that reach out to me with a unique idea are ideal collaborators with me to create some distinct artwork. Having done underwater portrait sessions in the past, they've reached Western New York's leading underwater portrait photographer... a perfect match! Sapna and Ryan were great swimmers and well-prepared, making for many beautiful photos. It was hard to pick the best.


Soaring to one another in complete and unbounded love


If you're thinking of doing an underwater portrait session, just drop me a line on the contact page. For a typical session, we'll get a handful of awesome images, as underwater portraits take patience and perseverance. Unlike portraits on dry land, we usually have to try to shoot a concept a few times to nail it just right. The payoff is enormous though, because we do indeed get to create some really unique portraiture.

-- Andrew

Lisa + Zach's Niagara Falls Engagement | Western NY Wedding Photographer

It wasn't until I met with Lisa and Zach over some coffee for a consultation that I realized I was present at a couple of important milestones in their relationships. I was the 2nd photographer at Lisa's sisters wedding, where Lisa and Zach had met for the very first time. I was photographing Amanda + John's wedding (Lisa was a bridesmaid) on hers and Zach's first date. And today, we went to the very spot where Zach proposed to Lisa, as well as hiking along a trail that means a lot to them.

During this session, we fearlessly conquered very cold wind and rain, attack squirrels, and a few of our fears. Their boldness in their relationship together is inspiring. And we got some cool photos along the way ;)


These squirrels were not shy *at all*


Next we hiked down the Niagara Gorge at Devil's Hole park near the power station, to see the Niagara River rapids up close and get some unique trail hiking photos along the way.


They help each other out, too..


.. and Zach returning the favor by catching her


We finished out with some glorious warm autumn light that lasted about 4 minutes.


Thank you for showing me a bit of your lives and relationships and the places that mean something to you. I look forward to documenting their wedding next year, and seeing some familiar faces!

-- Andrew