Lisa + Brandon's Engagement Photos, February 2015 | Rochester NY Wedding Photographer

What better way to come out of wintertime photography hiberantion than to do an engagement shoot with a couple who are awesome and fun, in a spectacular location (Letchworth park) on a sunny, snowy winter day? I've done 2 weddings for Lisa's family now, as well as several connected friends, so I already know their wedding later this year will be epically fun. It's always extra fun working with familiar faces.

For today's session, we brought the dogs along as well as a playful spirit and good ole upstate NY imperviousness to winter.. well, maybe the sub-zero temperatures the last month made the 28 degrees it was today seem like t-shirt weather in comparison ;)

Regardless, enjoy the photos!

Laughter is the best medicine

A minor snow-throwing mishap

We even got the dogs to sit for a second.. peanut butter ball treats work well!

Thanks again for an awesome shoot and I look forward to shooting your wedding in October!



Film shooter: Master level! - Rochester NY Wedding Photographer

Today I achieved a higher level of film photographer geekiness. I've loaded my own color film into a reusable roll. The cool part about it? It's Kodak's Vision 500t film. Now, to your average citizen, that's gibberish-- so, what is "Vision 500t?"  It is a motion picture film. Yup, it's the same stuff movies like Interstellar, Django Unchained, The Dark Knight Rises, The Wolf of Wall Street, and Silver Linings Playbook were shot on, despite digital cinema being widely available.

I bought a roll of 400 feet of it. That's about 5 minutes of movie.. or about 75 rolls of 36 exposures. Now I've got it in a usable format, which means the unique colors and feel of motion picture film will now be available to my clients!



-- Andrew


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