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Ellery’s 1st Birthday, 11 Sep 11 | Rochester NY Baby Photos

Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

A little over 2 years ago, I had the pleasure of shooting Carson’s 1st birthday party for friends from college of my wife and I (Erin and Dan). Erin contacted me a while ago and let it be known I was photographing her daughter Ellery’s 1st birthday as well. I was happy to see everyone again and Ellery and Carson were a blast. My boys had a lot of fun playing with Carson’s toys haha and they all had messy mouths from enjoying their cake.

By the way, I should visit Erin and Dan more, because each time I do, we walk away with an easy, inexpensive and tasty soup recipe. Cream of potato, bacon, loads of cheese and frozen veggies for filler the impression of a bit of health? Heck yeah! This time it was a chicken soup with star pasta and basil… mmm. I know visitors at my house benefit from this- so thank you Erin and Dan for those recipes ;)

We started with some traditional family portraits, some treasure hunts outside, followed by lunch (and aforementioned soup), then Ellery’s chance to eat some nice mushy messy cake. This was followed by some play and opening of gifts. Along the way I capture a lot of great photos- so enjoy :)

Happy birthday, Ellery!

Carson helps with the cake

She likes playing on this chair

Her favorite place to sit

A bean bag just for her!

Thank you again Erin, Dan, Carson and Ellery for a great time and a great soup recipe. Looking forward to seeing you guys again!
– Andrew

Nick + Noah Family Portraits, 31 Jul 11 | Rochester NY Child Photographer

Monday, August 8th, 2011

Who wouldn’t love the chance to go to a playground, swing on the swings, run across a field, throw stuff in a pond, then come home and play with your matchbox cars, then run around in circles and laugh? I was glad to spend some time with Nick and Noah (ages 2 1/2 and 1 1/2), who were much like my own 3 boys (ages 3 1/2, 2, and 2) in energy, curiosity and excitement.

I love doing family sessions like this.. not forced posed photos, but instead, just the kids being kids, enjoying their day with mom and dad and each other. Yeah, we bribed ‘em with some M&Ms to sit on the bench for a minute, but the rest of the time was just real moments in their lives. These kinds of photos will have far more lasting value for anyone than artificial studio portraits, because they’re about who they are and not just what they looked like that day.


Nick is happy to be on the swing




Jumpin on the bouncy bridge


Noah checks out the tunnel




Head down to the pond to explore for a bit.


Soon after, we headed back home to capture them in their everyday environment. Loads of fun.. you’ll see :)



Onto the cars + playset


Jedi apprentice?





Now the exciting fun begins :)





Love Nick’s MJ tongue



Thank you again for the chance to document and hang out with your wonderful family.
– Andrew

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