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Katrina + Josh Wedding, 14 Aug 10

Thursday, August 19th, 2010
Not too long after their awesome engagement session, I got together again with the fun and playful Katrina and Josh for their wedding day. The ceremony was at Josh’s parent’s home in Ontario with a view of the lake and a nice intimate audience. Even their dogs Milo and Jules were a part of the wedding! The ceremony was followed by a very relaxed and somewhat different reception at the Locust Hill Country Club (site of the LPGA tournament every year). Why different? We showed up and were allowed to go eat our dinner at our lesiure by simply going to the various stations… yummy prime rib, turkey, risotto, even mac-n-cheese. Mixed in with touching tributes and a few tears and laugs was some fun partying supported by Victor at Whirlin Disc DJ’s, making for a great evening for all.

Enjoy your photos and I am glad to have been witness to your special day.

Hello puppy!

The tongues heehee :)

He was happy to have his lollipop

Cool shades man

It was pretty toasty outside.. fans as favors were a smart idea!


Cannot resist a baby portrait

The estate in infrared

Some of the many lovely details

Gotta freshen up!

Funny cake topper ;)

First dance

Father-daughter dance was touching



Go mom! Go mom!

This was funny.. the best man Brent at the end of his toast declares that Josh is “All mine!”, picks him up then quickly runs off with him heehee.

Tanya made a touching slideshow for her sister Katrina.

Cake smash was never in doubt ;)

Workin’ the guitar

— Andrew

Ashley + Mark Wedding, 31 Jul 10

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010
I was looking forward to seeing Ashley and Mark again- such a nice friendly couple- and two of their guests, Jenn and Jason, were my clients from 2 months earlier (thanks again Ashley + Mark for the referral!). Their engagement session was fun to shoot, and I expected no less from their wedding. Always a pleasure to see familiar faces. The couple got ready at the Brookwood Inn, then ceremony and reception both were at the Burgundy Basin, and this photo set featured more photojournalist-style coverage. Enjoy!

Getting ready:

Mom was holding the mirror and had no idea I was taking this shot.

I love the symmetry in this one. Dark vs light in the clothing, the subject, the background, the wall even.

Mark, his brother and dad.

Mark’s siblings

Onto the ceremony, which was touching and emotional.

Seeing the bride for the first time

This is a neat + romantic idea… a time capsule with keepsakes and handwritten letters (unread by the other) to be stored, then opened on their 25th anniversary.


Finally married!!


Ashley’s little sister had a hard time reading her speech. It was touching :)

2 week old baby! He’s cute! (sorry, couldn’t resist!)

Goofball ;)

First dance was sung by Mark’s brother, playing “Wonder Wall” on acoustic guitar

Unusual type of shot for me, I normally don’t do ‘low key’ images like this

Then onto some epic dancing fun!!!

Mark has some serious moves.. and is not shy about showin’ them!

I dunno what he said, but it was funny!


Crazy photobooth fun!

“Don’t stop believin’…”

Even Grandma and the videographer got in on the fun!

— Andrew

Allee + Ryan Wedding, 3 Jul 10

Tuesday, July 6th, 2010
Couldn’t have asked for better conditions… tons of time for photos, perfectly clear weather, that although warm, wasn’t stifling hot like it was a day later, relaxed and willing clients.. easygoing guests and great locations. Thank you Allee and Ryan for letting me be a part of your wedding day. I hope that you enjoyed the festivities, and that you guys have a nice relaxing time on your honeymoon in Mexico (tell me what you think of Chichen Itza)- Lord knows Allee needs it after all the stress of planning her wedding and finishing grad school :)

And for the pics, starting with the ladies getting ready:

Arriving at Linehan Chapel at Nazareth College

A nice moment before the ceremony

A minor goof with the unity candle (it was already lit).. but we all took it in stride :) At my wedding, my wife and I couldn’t light ours… the wax dripped from the two candles into the unity candle, pooled and drowned out the wick.


The bridal party, all lookin’ good!

Off to Schoen place

Then we headed over to the George Eastman House, and was able to use their gardens for photos

OK ladies, do your best fashion model poses!

Some infrared portraits by the canal before we headed to the reception at the Del Monte Lodge.

Details, details…

After introductions, the couple has their first dance.

Then the toasts, with Allee and Ryans’ reactions.


Thanks again guys. Hopefully that fertility dance worked and you’ll call me up for some newborn portraits :)

— Andrew


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