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Jenn + Jason Wedding, 30 May 10

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010
I am proud to present a very elegant and stylish wedding by my fabulous clients Jenn + Jason. They had their ceremony at the Nazareth Chapel, followed by a reception at one of my favorite venues, the Inn on Broadway (it’s a good thing, because my next wedding in 2 weeks is there!). I love my job because of weddings like this one. I did some new things photographically and I’m pleased with the results. It was a pleasure to meet Jenn + Jason’s friends and family and I look forward to seeing them in 2 short months when the Maid of Honor and one of the groomsmen, Ashley and Mark, get married and I photograph their wedding.

Getting ready

Jenn’s mom admires Jenn’s dress

My favorite from this wedding.. Jenn’s mom helps put on some earrings.

I’m always fascinated by birdcage style veils, they’re so elegant. I’m happy I have such stylish clients!


Mark holding the vows.

The guys goofing off before they head over to the ceremony

Jenn walks over to her dad’s room at the Inn so he can see her in her gown. Here, her mom is making some final arrangements for the ceremony

The ladies looking great.

My second favorite photo. The dress is very classically elegant.

Onto Nazareth chapel, where a string quartet provided the music

The bridal party

First dance as a couple

Jennifer’s brother, Chris and her future sister in Law, Jade

Jason and his mom dance

The details

Party time, wooo!

And Jenn + Jason retire to their suite…

Thank you again for a wonderful experience. Jenn, Jason- see you soon!

— Andrew


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