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K & B, 6 Aug 11 | Esperanza Mansion Wedding Photographer

Friday, August 19th, 2011

I had the privilege to 2nd shoot for Neil Cowley ( at his wedding at Esperanza Mansion in Penn Yan this August. K and B are from nearby New York city but wanted a nice quiet destination wedding near their families. We started the day inside the Esperanza Mansion attic where the ladies were getting ready. Then, at St Michael’s Church in Penn Yan, the wedding ceremony followed where I got some awesome photos as 2nd shooter. We then headed back to the Esperanza Mansion and photographed their wedding reception.

I love shooting weddings at Esperanza Mansion. I grew an affinity for the place after shooting Julie and Spike’s wedding there last October. I look forward to shooting there again sometime soon. The facility is photogenic, the staff is super friendly and the food is great too :)



Behind the scenes- Neil hard at work..



The ladies started to come back from a nearby hairdresser who did a less-than-stellar job on one of the bridesmaid’s hair. They all had a good laugh about their reactions. The fact that they played off a potential disaster as comical shows the truly laid back character of these people- no one freaked out.


The bride’s hairdresser’s… The ladies thought it was funny how they reacted ;) The hairdresser kindly stayed around and redid her hair for her.


K relays a funny story


B checks his phone..





Probably one of my best father-giving-away-the-bride shots to date.




Receiving line


At my suggestion, we stopped at Keuka college and took some photos outside the chapel. It’s a good spot- I should know since I shot both Julie + Spike’s wedding and Anna + Rob’s wedding there two weeks apart last year!



We then headed up towards the lake with the Rolls Royce that Esperanza Mansion allows their wedding clients to take a ride in.



Finally, back to Esperanza for their wedding reception.








Thank you Neil for the great opportunity to work together. Your clients were great to work with. If anyone at this wedding wants to see the full gallery, please contact Neil directly.


— Andrew

Engagement of Kristen + Todd, 25 Jun 11 | Rochester NY Engagement Photography

Tuesday, June 28th, 2011

I love a job where I get to meet great people at a great time in their lives. Kristen and Jeff are just my kind of people- easy going, relaxed, open for ideas, willing to improvise yet remain genuine. A great time was had by all at the beach, followed by the park and a quick shot of them cuddling on the couch at their apartment. The smiles and laughs you see here are truly Jeff and Kristen, not by anything I did. I just put them in front of the camera.

So playful.. I didn’t even tell them to do any of these things.

Clean up real nice too

They love exploring NY in their car

The ducks were lucky (hey, that rhymes!)

Snuggle on the couch for a movie

Can’t wait for your wedding in December!

— Andrew

Engagement of Chelsea + Todd, 19 Jun 11 | Rochester NY Wedding Photographer

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011

Chelsea and Todd were guests at one of the weddings I shot last year, and when they initially met with me, Chelsea was using a picture that the client had posted on facebook as her profile pic– this was a good sign we were going to be a good match. I’m glad I have the chance to work with these cool kids because they were total goofballs and up for pretty much anything I suggested. Their wedding is bound to be a blast.

We rocked this session in the village of Fairport, getting some delicious ice cream, and playing a little real-life angry birds while watching the trains go by. BTW, who doesn’t like Angry Birds.. so addictive…

.. ok I’m back from playing to post the photos for you to enjoy

Add some ice cream and silliness ensues. I wonder what will happen with their wedding cake…..

Portraits for their desks :)

Warming up


Epic indeed

Thanks for a fun time guys. See you at your wedding in September!

– Andrew

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