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Tag: ‘fall colors’

Diana, Josh + Raja, 22 Oct 11 | Rochester NY Family Portrait Photographer

Saturday, October 29th, 2011

Having seen my work online, Diana asked me if I was able to do pet portraits- portraits with her dog, Raja, as well as some photos with her and Josh. I was very much up for the task and we headed over to Mendon Ponds park to have some fun together.

Raja is a purebred Great Dane, but still a puppy. And boy was she ever a puppy.. very curious and energetic. When she wants to go somewhere, she pulls you along. At the same time, Raja was well behaved, had a lot of doggie fun, and we got some great photos with her. Josh and Diane were pretty cool to hang out with too ;)




They look like superheroes here…


Running + playing with Raja


The most handsome dog portrait in Rochester!



Random cartwheel… my clients have the best ideas :)


Then we wrapped up with some great portraits.





Thanks for a great time, guys!
– Andrew

Engagement of Allee + Ryan, 21 Oct 09

Thursday, October 22nd, 2009
So we wondered, when the weather forecast says “40% chance of rain” does that mean there’s a 100% chance of rain in the area, but only a 40% chance that it will rain on where you are? Or does it mean a 40% chance in the whole area? Well, we had time to ponder this as it rained for about 15 minutes. But despite mother nature’s best efforts to mess with my mojo, Allee, Ryan and I teamed up to overcome it and get great photos at Mendon Ponds park. And in keeping with my 2010 “year of the teacher” theme, Allee is a certified teacher currently in grad school getting her masters :)

They requested the park to incorporate the fall colors– the park cooperated and so did Allee and Ryan. They were champs and did everything I requested of them, including walking out over a fallen tree suspended 8 feet above a 45 degree slope with about a 40 foot drop :) I can tell these two will get along really well for many years to come, they were very comfortable with one another, and clearly happy and in love.

This looked like I plopped them right in front of a painting:

Another great backdrop

Their balancing act

It wasn’t hard at all for Allee to ‘swoon’ over Ryan :)

And for some colors:

Whenever I asked them to do a ‘cool’ pose or ‘facebook’ Allee kept doing this.. no one knew why but it was funny either way :)

The light fog helped make this seem more etheral

And check out the bling! Nice choice!

— Andrew

Engagement of Jenn + Paul, 18 Oct 09

Monday, October 19th, 2009
First off, us math majors must reprezent… Jenn is a math teacher, continuing in my 2010 “year of the teacher” trend amongst the majority of my clients, and it’s rare for me to run into a fellow math major (yes, this photographer actually has a degree in mathematics). Anyway, these guys are super fun to hang around, and we had a good time taking photos at Paul’s parents house in Scottsville, followed by the site of their first date, Sinbad’s on Park Ave. It was a super nice fall day.. couldn’t have asked for better weather.

Let the awesomeness that are the photos begin…

Love fall for its colors

Jenn and paul are sittin in a tree, K-I-… you know the rest ;) (thought of this on the drive to the shoot)

Over to the very same table they sat at on their first date

Some nice standard portraits


Now being on Park Ave, I could not resist taking these guys into the laundromat.. they were good sports with all the people doing their laundry watching the spectacle :) But since they’re super cool they entertained my ideas and I think they came out pretty well.

Last one

— Andrew


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