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Engagement of Jessica + Kraig on Film, 7 Apr 12 | Rochester NY Wedding Photographer

Saturday, April 14th, 2012

Jessica and Kraig came out to Rochester to shoot a session with me on film.. yes film- dark rooms, negatives and scans kind of film :) I came in contact with Kraig through the wedding industry, as he runs his own videography business (Kadams Media Productions) while in school at Buffalo State for cinema. We totally rocked the session.. I did sneak in 2 digital shots in this set, can you figure them out?

We then headed over to Spot coffee for a drink.
Jessica got a polaroid camera for a Christmas gift. They’ve been buying the polaroid film from and brought it along for this session for the next shot after this…
Thanks guys!
– Andrew

Equipment Geekery

Tuesday, January 19th, 2010
Well, most winters offer me the opportunity to invest in more equipment geek type stuff, and this year is no exception. I’ve picked up three excellent lenses in the Canon lineup, the 35/1.4L, 24/1.4L and 100/2.8 macro. These lenses will help taking my imaging to the next level. I also have a surprise in store for my 2010 clients.. a special capability which will help me deliver really unique imagery that few others offer. I’m super stoked about it… Stay tuned ;)

While the best gear does not mean you will get excellent photography, it certainly can provide unique capabilities that other equipment pieces can’t offer. In the hands of an skilled artist, they are made to sing. I am working right now to be that skilled artist in time for these upcoming weddings.

— Andrew

Equipment Review – 5D Mark II camera

Saturday, April 11th, 2009
Continuing my series of equipment reviews for photographers, I recently re-acquired a 5D Mark II camera. My review of this camera will be short… it has the following advantages over the original 5D (which I used up to this point):
– Usable ISO6400 = 2 stop improvement = faster shutter speeds, or lower light capability
– Huge LCD.. much easier to see!
– Video is a nice toy (for weddings)
– Live view is a nice toy (for weddings; it’s indispensable for astrophotos)
– Controls are the same as the 40D, my backup camera.. huge ergonomic thing.. now I can change the camera settings much faster since they’re the same.
– 21.1 Megapixels
– Usable SRAW1 mode which yeilds 10 megapixel shots, the same as the 40D (also a 10 MP camera). Save on card and disk space.

Already used the camera at Meg + Steve’s wedding, and it performed flawlessly. Can’t wait to really grow familiar with it over the next couple years. If funds allow, I will definitely pick up a second copy.

— Andrew


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