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Authentic and uniquely tailored photography. I document your wedding, family, child or high school senior in a beautiful and unobtrusive way, capturing, not creating emotions. Everybody is going to love your pictures.

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So you’d like to know a little bit about me…

– I really enjoy a good parody. The Onion is awesome.

– I have a 214 bowling average

– I dislike mayonnaise intensely

– I used to be a software tester, a statistician, and a systems engineer

– I value tactful honesty over slience in the name of politeness

– If you haven’t seen Zoolander yet, go rent it before we do any sort of photos together.

– Having children made me appreciate children and parenting- I was scared at first, but am now thankful

– I was baptized into Christ in 2010

– I prefer Pepsi over Coke (drinking some right now), and Canon over Nikon (love my 35L and 200/2L)

– Sometimes I play chess, football, ultimate frisbee or table tennis; I middle hit in volleyball whenever I can

– I root for the Buffalo Bills despite their being perpetually lousy in recent years

I use fully insured professional photo equipment & am prepared with complete backup systems. In addition to being passionate about weddings and portraits, I enjoy sports & nature photography for leisure. I particularly enjoy astrophotography, capturing the grandeur of the heavens, staying up all night freezing my butt off to get the best images possible. I would be glad to talk about your passions and show you my astrophotos as well.


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