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Archive: August, 2010

Caitlyn + Kyle Wedding, 21 Aug 10

Thursday, August 26th, 2010
I love it when clients get excited about their wedding photography– and I especially love it when I show a thumbnail or three and the response I get back is “this is fun!” and “oh wow!”  These images reflect the easygoing and gentile, caring nature of Kyle and Caitlyn. They had a beautiful ceremony, one of the most emotional receiving lines I’ve seen (the best I heard was when one woman informed Caitlyn that she was the doula at Caitlyn’s birth… how cool), and a hopping party where everyone young and old had fun.

The couple lives in Webster, they both got ready in Webster, they married in the village Webster, then had their reception in Webster park (catered by Dinosaur BBQ, yum)! Only makes sense :) After getting so many great photos from their engagement session, I knew their wedding would be no different.

I liked both versions

Work it!

First moment as a married couple!

Some of the details

The bridal party

Now, how cool is this?

It is for shots like these that I paid for the infrared conversion in one of my cameras.

Nice rock!

Some serious air ;)

Heehee her reaction is priceless :)

Happy faces, good times!

— Andrew

Katrina + Josh Wedding, 14 Aug 10

Thursday, August 19th, 2010
Not too long after their awesome engagement session, I got together again with the fun and playful Katrina and Josh for their wedding day. The ceremony was at Josh’s parent’s home in Ontario with a view of the lake and a nice intimate audience. Even their dogs Milo and Jules were a part of the wedding! The ceremony was followed by a very relaxed and somewhat different reception at the Locust Hill Country Club (site of the LPGA tournament every year). Why different? We showed up and were allowed to go eat our dinner at our lesiure by simply going to the various stations… yummy prime rib, turkey, risotto, even mac-n-cheese. Mixed in with touching tributes and a few tears and laugs was some fun partying supported by Victor at Whirlin Disc DJ’s, making for a great evening for all.

Enjoy your photos and I am glad to have been witness to your special day.

Hello puppy!

The tongues heehee :)

He was happy to have his lollipop

Cool shades man

It was pretty toasty outside.. fans as favors were a smart idea!


Cannot resist a baby portrait

The estate in infrared

Some of the many lovely details

Gotta freshen up!

Funny cake topper ;)

First dance

Father-daughter dance was touching



Go mom! Go mom!

This was funny.. the best man Brent at the end of his toast declares that Josh is “All mine!”, picks him up then quickly runs off with him heehee.

Tanya made a touching slideshow for her sister Katrina.

Cake smash was never in doubt ;)

Workin’ the guitar

— Andrew

Engagement of Julie + Spike, 7 Aug 10

Monday, August 9th, 2010
Julie and Spike are seriously talented musicians in their spare time, when they’re not working for the University of Maryland or Mitre, respectively. They came in town to visit for their niece’s 1st birthday party, and I happened to have the weekend off– so voila! We got together for an awesome engagement shoot that involved lots of climbing and awesome shots :) Their wedding in October will be bittersweet for me, as it is my last one of 2010… but I’m excited to see and photograph them again.

Enjoy the photos

Flying into his arms

Had to get a shot with high falls in it!

Sun kissed

Great light and relaxed couple = great photo

— Andrew


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