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Archive: November, 2009

Lisa + Aaron Wedding, 31 Oct 09

Saturday, November 7th, 2009
Well, what can I say. These people were very generous to allow me to their wedding guest downstate in New Paltz, NY at the Mohonk Mountain House for my first official destination wedding. What a fascinating resort! I would describe it as 1920’s luxury… wide hallways, dark wood paneling, dark Persian-themed carpeting, and wavy wooden floors in some spots LOL. And adding to the charm, the rooms actually used honest to goodness real keys (instead of magnetic swipe cards). Providing a spooky Halloween feel, most of the day the resort was sitting inside a cloud. Oh yeah, and there were wolves in the hotel. Seriously.

Aaron and Lisa had a very intimate ceremony and reception with close family and friends. This made for a very laid back time for everyone, and a 5-star, 3 course meal to boot. Lisa’s sisters were the bridesmaids, and Aaron’s brothers were the groomsmen- how neat :) Lisa’s dress, shawl and headscarf fit the motif of the resort perfectly. Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to experience your wedding and to spend time at the resort. It was truly a gift.

Lisa’s sister helping her get ready.. the pumpkin in the back is a perfect touch:

The ladies….

Lisa’s Niece Ava ambles down the aisle.. it was cute.

With a little encouragement Ava made it :)

Lisa and her dad

Exchanging vows

Lisa was very happy to be married!

We went outside and braved some serious wind and a pretty wet misting drizzle. The couple were troopers and I thank them.

Overlooking the lake

Relaxing in the lounge

Sorry Lisa, but Aaron’s photos on the steps here came out much better.

The details!

The rings!

The cake!

The reception started with hors d’oeuvres and a ‘surprise’ guest

Ava dressed up as a squirrel

Handing out candy and saying ‘trick or treat’.

(OK normally I don’t photograph the kiddos at weddings this much, but I was missing my almost-2-year-old that day and she was really cute :)

Dad gives a toast to his daughter

It was touching too :)


Mmmm cake

And the resort at night after it cleared up a bit

Congratulations Lisa and Aaron, I wish you the best.

— Andrew

Kathryn + Matt Wedding, 30 Oct 09

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009
This season has been all about pairs between my clients. Two Shelbys in a row. Two Andrews in a row. Two couples from Baltimore in a row. Today, Kathryn and Matt are from the New Paltz area of NY, and I headed down to New Paltz the day after their wedding to shoot another one (blog post forthcoming in a few days :) Weird.

Anyway, these guys had an intimate, small wedding and reception, so I worked out a special coverage package for them. Although I was only there a short time, I am glad to have had the chance to meet their families and get some nice photos at the Inn on Broadway.

Without further ado, let’s get ready:

The rings + shoes in one shot.

One of the younger girls had said she supposed the bride looked “adequate” in her dress


The groom awaits…

Lots of smiles during the ceremony

Their first moments together as husband and wife

Thanks for the lighting check, girls ;)

One of my favorites

Onto dinner and good times.

Cheers, guys!

— Andrew


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