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Archive: July, 2009

Engagement of Natalie & Tim, 28 Jul 09

Wednesday, July 29th, 2009
I thought it ironic that my first two 2010 clients, getting married a week apart in July 2010 both scheduled engagement shoots with me within three days of each other. I met up with Natalie and Tim at Highland Park to take some portraits and get to know each other.

Poor Natalie injured her ankle a while back this summer and I had them hiking and climbing up and down steps and hills.. but she was a trooper and I think it was worth it in the end.. we made some pretty awesome photos. We started in the Veteran’s Memorial section of the park, then headed over to the reservoir, and finished up at the Colgate Divinity School for some coooool late twilight shots.

Anyway enough of my yammerin’.. onto the photos!

I had fun with this one.. hadn’t done one of these in a while.

Tryin’ something a little different..

Overlooking the southeast side of town

I thought these were pretty cool…

Thanks for a good shoot and see you in 2010!

— Andrew

Engagement of Ashley & Mark, 25 Jul 09

Monday, July 27th, 2009
Ashley and Mark were my first clients to book a 2010 date with me, so I was excited to kick off my 2010 wedding-related photography with an engagement portrait session with them. We got together in Canandaigua and briefly crashed a wedding at the Inn on the Lake to get some nice shots by the lake shore. I’m glad they made the drive up from Cortland to get together, as I think the photos came out great. The lakefront, appropriately, was the location of their first date.. always a treat to shoot at the spot of their first date :)

After some nice shots by the shore we found a favorite bench of theirs, and got some great shots there. We then headed back for some fun and cool shots… scroll down and see, and enjoy the photos along the way.

So happy with the lighting here..

I thought this shot was awesome. Would make a great 16×20 print.

Another 16×20 candidate :)

Our fashiony-fashion pose for the day. They pulled it off well. Taken on the steps of the Ontario County Court House.

Some nice portraits with my favorite lens:

Here’s the cool part of the session (pun intended). We stopped at Scoops for some ice cream and some fun shots. Ashley warned me that she would NOT be having the cotton candy-flavored ice cream.. bad past experience :) I was surprised how quickly it all melted.. but Mark and Ashley were troopers and took a few ice cream drips in the name of some fun shots.

A possible preview of the cake cutting at their wedding? Hmmm…

But all is well in the end.

Thanks Ashley and Mark, it was a pleasure meeting you again, and I look forward to your wedding next July!!

— Andrew

2010 Senior Portraits- Zach 20 Jul 09

Tuesday, July 21st, 2009
Just last night I got together with Zach at his house and did some awesome senior portraits. Of course we started out with the suit and tie shots for mom and dad, then moved onto some cool shots with his bow and ATV. By the end we were pretty geeked about the photos.


Class of 2010 ring:

Target acquired:

First we did some posed shots on his ATV:

But we quickly moved to some action shots, which I think are DA BOMB! The only thing missing was a sweet jump.

Thanks Zach for a good time and a chance to make some cool photos.

— Andrew


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